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TT Drivers Day Utsav – A Win-Win For All

by Raghuram

Posted on Sept 19, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the economy. They play a vital role yet get little recognition. To recognize their contribution to the society and to say big thank you to this workforce, 17 th September is celebrated as Drivers Day world over.

Such thoughtful initiative was taken by the Transworld Terminals Pvt Ltd (part of Transworld Group Singapore) at Mundra port, Gujarat. In the last one decade it was for the first time here in the Mundra port that a celebration was exclusively designed for the driver fraternity. Colorful banners were put up at strategic points.

Online and offline invitations were sent across. Transworld Terminals Pvt Ltd officials’ right from the top, the CEO Director Mr. Ganesh Krishnan, Head HR - Dr. Ajit, DGM Albatross Inland Ports, Mr. Gautam Bose and the host Mr. Sandeep Trehan, who heads the Terminal Business at Mundra and other officials’ enthusiasm was such as if they are organizing a family event. Kudos!

It all started in the morning of 17 th September. In fact, to tell the truth it started on the previous night itself. As a preamble to the event the Transworld drivers were invited for a film show and that too a Bhojpuri one, the mother tongue of most of them.

These drivers live here in Mundra, far away from their families leading a bachelor life. Some share their room with their colleagues and some alone. Morose being forced to be away from home and leading a monotonous life seeking a means of livelihood for their dependents.

To break such monotony and to infuse an element of enthusiasm, it is imperative to take them in a different trajectory. Drivers day celebrations so thoughtfully organized by their company proved a catalyst to pep up their sagged enthusiasm factor. Money is certainly an essential ingredient for motivation but for this segment of employees it is also important to make them feel an integral part of the company and the society at large.

Drivers started trooping in for the festival. Each one of them was greeted with a rose and was given a safety jacket. Welcome woven with safety. Hall was colorful with drivers wearing reflective safety jackets. Mr. Rakshit Shah, ED, Corporate Services, Mundra was the chief guest for the function. Along with him there were other dignitaries on the dais. A traditional inauguration of the event was marked with lighting the lamp by the honored guests. It was a treat to the ears and fuel for the patriotic feelings to sing the national anthem by on and all present with reverence. And thus, the program started. It was agreed upon to keep the teach and preach elements in the form of long addresses at bay. Speakers from the podium were short and sweet. Transworld Terminals Pvt Ltd decided to honor their drivers in various categories like, Safe drivers, Best drivers, Drivers with long association and the youngest driver were given prizes as a token of appreciation by the CEO Director and other guests.

Now it was the turn of the drivers to show their safety knowledge and play a few games to showcase their team strength and individual expertise. Quiz competition on safety and road signs was conducted. Five teams participated. Three- member judges’ panel was formed. Rapid fire questions were posed to the teams and the Road Sign Visuals were displayed to explain. Questions not answered by the teams were thrown open to the other drivers present. Learning in the form of game is the best way to go forward.

TT Driver Day 2018
TT Driver Day 2018

It was time for a tea break. Very interestingly, the participants returned to the hall before the given break time. A sure sign of participation indeed.

Next on the agenda was musical chair game. Almost everyone was keen to participate. Music from the janmabhumi was playing. Double whammy. While the players were keen in retaining their chairs like netas by hook or crook the onlookers were not tired to clap and tap their feet for the Bhojpuri music. Winners were declared and prizes distributed. One has to see to believe the top brass dancing with their drivers with gusto on the desi tunes. Such gestures will be remembered by the drivers to narrate to their grandchildren. And what a positive psychological impact such small gestures will leave behind in their minds!

Come on boys, troop to the yard for a photography session with the CEO Director and other bosses. Smiles writ large on their faces the drivers were mingling with all guffawing. ‘Tug-of war’ is the most popular game amongst the driver community across the nation. The very fact that six teams of ten members each was formed to participate in the show of their team muscle power. It was a debatable point as to who is more enthusiastic- the participants or the onlookers! The winning team deserved the applause for their team effort. Prizes were declared and distributed.

Gift hampers were given to each and every driver on the occasion. Most heartwarming factor was the presence of the management group including their numero-uno throughout the event encouraging the heroes of the day. It was time for pet puja. The same canteen for one and all.

Post lunch, Bioscope in an airconditioned make-shift tent by Picture Time was a treat to watch. The functions where the drivers are mere moot spectators have always flopped in instilling a festive spirit in them. The need of the hour is to bring them out of their cocoon and for that a festivity has to be written, scripted and enacted by them. We have to be a catalyst in the entire show. Patience and perseverance are needed for the desired change in them.

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