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A Step Towards Cleanliness

by Raghuram

Posted on December 10, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Team Transportmitra of Sonepat has done a remarkable job recently. The most essential facility of the dhaba other than the sparkling clean toilets maintained by Transportmitra, is the huge water tank at its backyard. It is being used for everything possible. The highway drivers find it very convenient to head for the dhaba for its lovely water facility. The drivers use the tank water from bathing to washing clothes and cleaning their trucks. The dhaba uses the water for cleaning utensils to sprinkling the dhaba premises every morning to keep it dust free.

Sonepat%20Dhabha%20Bath- Before
Sonepat%20Dhabha%20Bath- After

The water tank, once an attraction, was gradually turning into an eye sore. The otherwise clean and fresh water from the pump set filled into the tank was looking green due to the rapid formation of moss. Green is certainly a soothing color around the dhaba but of course not in the tank. Our Transportmitra friends and some of the employees of the Chaudhary dhaba, decided enough is enough.

One fine day, encouraged by the dhaba owner and Transportmitra, our friends took the task of cleaning the big tank upon themselves. Armed with brooms, brushes, soap powder and cleaning chemicals the group of youngsters jumped onto the task at hand. Their enthusiasm and determination was no less than a cricketer in a test match.

The result was a sparkling tank inside out within a couple of hours. Left to dry for some time the tank was ready to be filled again. Lo and behold, now the water looked so clean that it was a temptation to resist from jumping in it for a refreshing swim cum bath.

Kudos driver ke saathion , Transportmitra and Choudhary dhaba for your wonderful team work! Let the mission cleanliness start at home. Only if we could take a lead in keeping our own houses and surroundings clean a revolutionary change will automatically set in the country.

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