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Driver Naukri Registration Kickoff @Manesar

by Ramesh

Posted on Sept 05, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Out of the blue, Jayshankar Sharmaji from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh called up 10 days ago. An old friend. Fifty plus and a long haul truck driver, known since 2013. On his insistence, visited his hometown for half a day session on the condition of truck drivers and the poor treatment meted out to them by motor maliks. Same old story. Yes.

Sharmaji has been trying to congregate truck drivers across India to voice their concerns collectively but unable to do it at a faster clip. No easy job. We all know, given their DNA in every sense of the term.

This time, he called up to request assistance to place 40 odd long truck drivers somewhere in India.

For long, we at Transport Mitra have been contemplating to go beyond mere advocacy of better treatment of drivers to potential employers: motor maliks.

Out of this manthan germinated the idea of TM Staffing Solution. Simply put, Transport Mitra will build a bridge between potential employers in the trucking segment (22% shortage, remember!) and those drivers wanting to change or fresh jobs for those out of driver training institutes.

Job Portal? Yes. Certainly. Actually, we are bluepencilling a plan in this arena.

Driver Placement Registration

Back to Sharmaji. At his insistence, we met 10 of those 40 long haul truck drivers seeking change at the IMT Manesar Parking Yard over an hour long interaction.

It was the maiden or kickstart event for Transport Mitra on the TM Staffing Solution sphere. Naturally, both founders jumped into the fray along with Driver Saathi Praveen Kumar.

It was a wonderful outing.

Significantly, none of them have any structured employement contract with their existing employer. All done on per kilometre basis with no social security benefits.

Transport Mitra plans to rectify this long pending anomaly.

All applicants shared their Driving License and Aadhar details for us to undertake a thorough Know Your Customer process through our inhouse Call Centre.

Soon, Founder Selvan Dasaraj will share the bucket of TM Staffing Solution offers to potential employers on this platform. Watch out!

Transport Mitra embarks on a new journey to usher in better driver relationship management in India.

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